All European countries are committed to working towards ensuring more inclusive education systems. They do so in different ways, depending on their past and current contexts and histories. Inclusive education systems are seen as a vital component within the wider aspiration of more socially inclusive societies that all countries align themselves with, both ethically and politically. Education and training systems should aim to ensure that all learners including those from disadvantaged backgrounds and those with special needs complete their education, including, where appropriate, through second chance education and the provision of more personalised learning.

VET4ALL aims to involve:


  • VET Tutors and Company MentorsĀ 


  • Learners with disabilities/special needs who need to be integrated in WBL paths and enter the labour market
  • Regional authorities, which promote the development of education and training and their integration in actions of local and regional development
  • VET Schools
  • VET Training Centres
  • Enterprises
  • Social Parties /Chambers of Commerce

The project will select the participants and involve members of the direct target group in the following activities:

O1 – VET4ALL Didactical Guidelines in order to develop the Guidelines: per partner country 10 VET teachers/other staff in the field of VET and disability will be selected among the partnership organizations and the associated partners. Workshops will be organized in every partner country (1 per Country), the focus groups are aimed at analysing the competences gap in order to prepare next IO. Quantitative Indicators: 60 participants.

O2 – VET4ALL Curriculum for training VET staff in the field of disability/special needs: testing and piloting of the developed training programme is foreseen in all partner countries with participants who will be selected among the partnership and associated partners. Quantitative Indicators: 60 participants.

O3 – VET4ALL In-Company Vademecum: it will be tested before releasing the final version in all partner countries. Participants will be selected among the Enterprises with whom partners are working on daily basis, mainly associated partners. Quantitative Indicators: 48 participants.

O4 – VET4ALL Mobility Vademecum: it will be tested among the teachers/accompanying persons in all partners countries. Quantitative Indicators: 60 participants.

LEARNING, TRAINING, TEACHING ACTIVITIES: the training is aimed at developing a unique EU approach in the frame of WBL /Internishp for students with disabilities/special needs and how to tackle EU Mobility projects for our target. It will consist of 5-days training in Sopuerta (Spain), every partner will send 2 participants. They will be selected in the partner organizations among those who are in charge for WBL planning and managemen, even at EU level/Mobility. Quantitative Indicators: 10 participants.

All the IOs developed will be presented during a 1) Local Multiplier Events with minimum 25 participants each event, further the Final Multiplier Event/Conference will be organized in Bulgaria with at least 60 participants from the target groups and target sector. They will be the carriers of the sustainable use of the outputs and having direct access to the results and outputs of the VET4ALL project.